Coloured Concrete

What is coloured concrete?

Coloured concrete is a very popular decorative concrete. coloured concrete provides an outdoor paving alternative for commercial concrete paving & landscaping, concrete driveways, swimming pool surrounds, garden paths and outdoor entertaining areas.
See the Boral Colori® coloured concrete photo gallery for Colori® used in commercial & residential concrete flooring & exterior paving. a range of colours to provide you a broad choice of coloured finish. Blended from high strength iron oxides, powdered pigments are added directly to the concrete truck’s mixing bowl where the oxide colour is dispersed deep into the concrete. Once mixed, the coloured concrete is delivered to site and placed in a similar way to plain grey concrete – giving you a natural looking colour that is both UV and weather resistant.”

Key benefits

  • Coloured concretes are aesthetically more desirable and pleasing
  • Create contrast with other materials or surroundings
  • Permanent colouring results in increased colour fastness
  • Cost effective alternative to painted industrial floors
  • Coloured concrete can be supplied to comply with any specification or grade
  • Monolithic construction offering structural integrity with decorative effect
  • Alternative to decorative surface coatings, reducing construction cost and build programme time
  • Permanent colouring means no need to re-paint every 10 years
  • Combines the flexibility of in-situ concrete with a decorative finish
  • A multitude of surface finishes are possible from power float to sponge texturing allowing striking visual effect
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Through colouring ensures that visual appeal can be maintained even in the event of surface damage.

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